Branocs Estates

Back in 2013 I approached Trudy with a pie in the sky idea of setting up my own Estate Agency business, and not only needed some guidance in terms of Branding, Logo's, Marketing material, but also help with incorporating this into a website and our various advertising portals. I had no design brief, no vision of how I wanted my company to look other than a company name, Branocs Estates. Within a few days, we had gone from an idea to a real life business with an image and an identity to move forwards. Four years on, our company is the leading independent estate agent within our local area, with a team of 6 full time staff members and a high street office, using the same Logo, Designs, Branding and Website that Trudy put together from scratch on day one. We are complemented on our For Sale signs almost weekly, and to this day I think Trudy has gone on to design over 100 leaflets for us, so it is fair to say that without her expertise our business would not have flourished to the level that it has reached today. I would not hesitate in recommending Trudy to anyone and her overall level of service is absolutely second to none.

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