St Vincent's of Chelsea

St Vincent's of Chelsea |


BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Year 2
Module: Visual Skills 2B (June 2014)
Grade: First

Brief: To produce the visual branding and communication for my chosen fictitious company - St. Vincent’s of Chelsea – Purveyors of fine wines.

Outcome: This concept stemmed from a visit to Chelsea (London) where I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful wild parakeets who have inhabited the area. Much like the Parakeets, the grapes used in St Vincent’s of Chelsea’s wine also doesn't originate from this country, but London is now its home to be enjoyed. This little story provided me with the parakeet concept, which lead me to find a beautiful image of Fifi the parakeet, taken by her owner Esthèle Girardet. Fifi’s colours and unique markings were the inspiration behind the bespoke patterns, hand lettering and vibrant colour palette, which I applied to a geometric parakeet form.