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BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Year 3
Module: ISTD Competition Brief (February 2015)
Grade: First

Brief: To design a new typographic identity for the Design Museum, as it’s relocating to a larger premises in Kensington, London in 2016.

Outcome: It was my aim to create a logotype that spoke simplicity, innovation and positivity. The logotype itself I created using a mixture of different fonts and custom letterforms. The 'D', which also resembles an arrow, provides a positive connotation of design moving forward. This along with the linear motif portrays the new, geometric and innovative building that will be home to the new Design Museum from 2016. I combined these subtle elements with strong imagery to highlight the broad range of spaces and exhibitions to keep it as flexible as possible for the museum moving forward. 

Image credits: The New Design Museum  |  The Shop  |  Women Fashion Power  |  Permanent Collection