Date ideas that cost nothing

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Ok, so January blows. With Christmas gone and lots of boring annual bills to pay out, sitting in watching tv while glancing at our phones every now and then gets just a little repetitive. To mix our evenings up a bit (without spending many extra pennies).. I thought I'd blog some free date night ideas that we can refer back to, which should come in handy with Valentines Day fast approaching, and because the British weather almost never corporates I've separated them into indoor and outdoor activities.

Please note: phones, ipads and similar gadgets are banned from dates. Make sure to switch them all off and keep them hidden. If any peeking goes down, well.. you can decide the consequences.


Movie night: create the cinema experience by shutting off all the lights and getting some snacks. And to make sure both of you are happy, each pick a movie and watch both till the early hours.

Game night: dig out some board games and get competitive. Monopoly, charades, uno, poker, or you could even make up an indoor scavenger hunt.

Chocolate fondue night: Melt some chocolate to enjoy with marshmallows, strawberries or whatever you like. 

Romantic, home cooked meal for two: Cook up a fancy three course dinner, get some candles on the go and enjoy a romantic meal in for two.. #standard

Get creative: make something together, draw, paint, up-cycle some furniture, anything you like! Need some inspiration? Check out Pinterest.

Bake off: team up and create an awesome 'showstopper' that would get the 'Mary Berry' approval!

Indoor camping: if you don't have a tent, build a fort! Then once it's built you could get inside and reminisce over how young you used to look in old photos of you both.

Pancake night: every day should be pancake day in my book, so get in the kitchen and get flipping pancakes together. It's funny when it goes wrong.


Go for a bike ride: ok, you need bikes for this, but we love a bike ride round our local country park. It's fun, healthy and free.

Go for a walk: if you don't live somewhere that's got pretty places to walk, go for a bit of a drive, somewhere you've never been before, then go for a walk amongst the nature and the fresh air.

Stargazing: sometimes when the sky is really clear I could gaze up at the stars forever. It's a beautiful sight which is available to everyone. Plus, it's very romantical.

Picnic: pack some lunch, and maybe some wine, and visit a pretty nearby park for the afternoon. 

Outdoor camping: even if it's in the back garden. don't have a tent? Take a blanket and see how late you can stay out.

Events: keep an eye out for free local events, shows, fairs and markets happening in your local area.

BBQ: spend the evening in the garden cooking up a mean BBQ, then cuddle under a blanket when it gets a bit chilly.

Beach: go to your nearest beach, walk along the seafront, search for pretty shells and skim pebbles into the sea.


Miniature / 'par 3' golf
A trip to the tea rooms for some lunch followed by scones with jam and cream
Badminton, tennis or ping pong
Pool / snooker tournament
Fruit picking
Ice creams, arcades and fish and chips at the beach

If you have any date ideas of your own I'd love it if you could share them in a comment below.

Enjoy! xo