Hi, I’m Trudy, a meticulous designer with a passion for crafting authentic, refined and meaningful design.

With a Degree in Graphic Design and over 7 years of professional design agency experience, I've been at this a little while now. The fire in my belly is sparked by the passionate people I get to work with, and getting to help them live out their wildest dreams for me is the true definition of success.



Growing up you’d find me at my little red table drawing the hours away, painting with watercolours and even creating ‘encaustic wax art’ with my lovely Mum who I miss on the daily. Combine this with my Dads love for all things technical, and it’s safe to say that graphic design is in my blood.

I’m meticulous in my nature, a bit of a ‘neat freak’ if you like. While you might find quotes a little cliche, the phrase ‘if you’re going to do something, do it right’ is one that I’ve always stood by. When I take your beloved project on it becomes my own. I’ll nurture it, love it and send it off into the world with the best possible start in life. (#CheeseyButTrue).

I’m very much a home bird at heart. I live with my husband/partner in crime, Scott, in Essex, England where I tend to eat an unhealthy quantity of chocolate with ‘Friends’ on loop. It’s my happy place.



Photography, travelling, ‘Friends’, Masterchef Australia, interior design, road trips, baking, yoga, serif fonts, earthy tones, 90’s dance routines, flowers, gin & tonic, country music, crazy golf, chocolate, crappy reality TV and Christmas.


Rudeness, horror films, olives, Mexican food, having my photo taken, clothes shopping (because I’m 4ft 11 and the struggle to find nice clothes that fit me is real!), and people that don’t like Christmas (I’m joking.. kinda).


But enough about me.. I’d love to learn all about you!

Whatever has brought you here, whether you’re looking for a designer to work with, or if you’d simply love a natter about all things creative (it’s my favourite subject!) then I’d absolutely love to hear from you.


Find me on Instagram, @trudygeorgina